Month: February 2019

There are many types of services accommodation, this includes holiday lets however not all serviced accomdation is used for holidays.

The house seems to really suit the following:

  • Families visting their children and Unviversity of Brighton or Sussex.
  • Families needing a few weeks in between moving from one house to another
  • Families that are having construction work done on their house and quickly need a home and not a hotel room and also don’t want to sign up to a 6 month AST letting contract.
  • Families visting friends who live in the area but would rather have their own place.
  • Construction Wokers, Shop fitter and Electricians find the house ideal as a high quality and value option compared to hotel rooms in the area.
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  • Feb 22, 2019

Since May Tree was launched in Nov 2018 it’s proving very popular with professionals visiting the area for work.

If your’e working in Brighton and Hove or the East Sussex area and you need accommodation then you may want to consider an laternate option to a hotel that is to a high standard at a value price.

Service accommodation such as May Tree View offers all utilities and included fully furnish accomodation with hotel grade linen and towels for a fraction of ths price.

All the benefits of a hotel and house combined

If that’s nto enough, you get to stay in a house with it own car park and easy access to central Brighton.

Located in West Hove near to Portslade station this house will

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  • Feb 21, 2019

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